Equipment Breakdown
Energy, Property & Construction
XL Catlin's equipment breakdown underwriters think like plant managers. We work with our clients to help ensure that their equipment is reliable and that effective contingency plans are in place.

Product details


  • Up to USD 550 million
  • Coverage available on a primary or excess basis


  • Expanded definition of covered property includes accounts receivable and transportable off site equipment
  • Broadened contingent business income coverage premises include attraction properties as well as suppliers/customers
  • Utility interruption services expanded to include internet access, wide area networks and data transmission
  • Claims preparation costs related to professionals hired in the certification of your claim are covered
  • Broadened perishable goods coverage including control of damaged property
  • System installation coverage for newly installed equipment or equipment in the course of construction

Improved Conditions

  • Repair or replacement valuation includes additional costs associated with environmental, efficiency or safety enhancements—up to 150%
  • Restoration period begins at the time the breakdown occurred; no penalties for late reporting
  • Property damage deductible waiver option available

Elimination of Restrictions

  • No restrictions for covered equipment that suffers a breakdown while undergoing a pressure or electrical test
  • No utility interruption waiting period applied to perishable goods losses
  • No exclusion for excavation of piping, vessels and cable enclosed in conduit

Client Profiles

Any occupancy, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Paper
  • Food manufacturing
  • Cold storage warehouses
  • Dairies
  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Forging
  • Sugar
  • Sawmills
  • Chemicals
  • Printers
  • Hotels
  • Real estate

Typical Information Required

  • Policy terms/coverages required
  • Schedule of values
  • Description of operations
  • Five-year loss history
  • Location engineering information and surveys

Benefits & Services

  • Loss-control services provided through B&PC and XL GAPS
  • Jurisdictional inspections
  • Risk assessments
  • Additional loss control services, including transformer oil and gas analysis, lubricating oil analysis and infrared

Minimum Premium

USD 2,500

This general product description is informational only. It is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to purchase any particular insurance product. Products are subject to legal and underwriting requirements. Coverages may not be available in all jurisdictions, including without limitation any jurisdiction within the United States, and may be available only through appropriately licensed producers. In addition, GAPS’s provision of publications or services is not an indication of the existence or availability under any policy of coverage for any particular property or type of loss or damage. Policies underwritten from Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, Switzerland, or written by XL Insurance Company SE are only available through non US-based brokers. The Insurance companies of XL Group Ltd are: Catlin Insurance Company, Inc., Catlin Indemnity Company, Catlin Specialty Insurance Company, Greenwich Insurance Company, Indian Harbor Insurance Company, XL Insurance America, Inc., XL Specialty Insurance Company, XL Bermuda Ltd, XL Insurance Company SE, XL Insurance Switzerland Ltd, XL Insurance (China) Company Limited, XL Seguros Brasil S.A. and XL Insurance Mexico SA de CV. Coverages placed with Lloyd’s Syndicate #2003 are managed by Catlin Underwriting Agencies Limited and supported by XL Catlin corporate capital. Additional important information regarding our business is provided on our Legal Notices page.

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