Casualty Facultative
XL Catlin has an experienced casualty facultative underwriting team. Our experts are more than willing to work with you to design reinsurance coverage that meets your needs. We are prepared to consider a wide variety of risks and casualty excess layers.

Reinsurance Type: Primary, excess, umbrella (mostly lead layers)

Typical Ceding Companies: National, regional, specialty Our underwriters will consider diverse areas of exposure, including:
– General Liability
– Products/Completed Operations Liability – Owners & Contractors Protective Liability
– Liquor Law Liability
– Railroad Protective Liability
– Automotive Liability
– Professional Liability (except Medical Malpractice)
– Excess Liability
– Umbrella (including Carve Outs)

Submissions: Exclusively through reinsurance intermediaries. Our underwriting experts will be happy to learn more about your needs and requirements and help you mitigate your business risks.

This general product description is informational only. It is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to purchase any particular (re)insurance product. Products are subject to legal and underwriting requirements. Coverages may not be available in all jurisdictions, including without limitation any jurisdiction within the United States, and may be available only through appropriately licensed producers. In addition, XL GAPS’s provision of publications or services is not an indication of the existence or availability under any insurance policy or reinsurance contract of coverage for any particular property or type of loss or damage. Insurance policies underwritten from Bermuda are only available through non US-based brokers.Additional important information regarding our business is provided on our Legal Notices page.

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