Kidnap & Ransom
XL Catlin offers comprehensive insurance coverage for kidnap, ransom, extortion (KRE) and other crisis events such as product extortion, hijack, wrongful detention, threat, disappearance, express kidnap, hostage crisis, child abduction, assault and workplace violence. XL Catlin exclusively retains expert crisis response consultants, Terra Firma Risk Management. Policyholders have access to pre-event, real-time and post-event crisis response services.

Product details


Up to USD 50 million


In today’s global business economy, serious threats to personal and corporate security are frequent. Incidents are difficult to predict and when they occur they require a swift, organized and expert response.

XL Catlin’s specialist Kidnap & Ransom (KRE) product helps companies and individuals navigate through these dynamic, complex and constantly changing scenarios. We offer specialized knowledge and a wide range of insurance coverages to help clients manage their risk landscape.

The financial impact of a crisis can be severe on any company or family. XL Catlin’s Kidnap & Ransom policy aims to take away this burden by reimbursing all associated costs incurred both during and after the event.

We seek to provide the most comprehensive cover in the market by covering all the following events within our main policy wording:
– Kidnap
– Extortion
– Products Extortion
– Hijack
– Wrongful Detention
– Threat
– Disappearance
– Express Kidnap
– Hostage Crisis
– Child Abduction
– Assault

We are also able to offer the following coverages as extensions:
– Business Interruption
– Cyber Extortion Business Interruption
– Emergency Security Evacuation
– Product Recall Expenses

We reimburse all financial costs incurred by the insured which can include (but are not limited to):
– Ransom
– Ransom in transit
– Legal liability
– Personal accident
– Salaries of the victim(s)
– Temporary security measures
– All travel and accommodation costs
– Interest on loans
– Medical and legal costs
– Psychological counselling costs
– Public Relations costs
– Rest and rehabilitation costs
– Unlimited Crisis Consultants’ costs

Expert assistance is also vital when handling a high pressure, stressful situation such as the kidnapping of a colleague or loved one. Immediate access to independent, experienced advisers to help at such a time can be invaluable, and is often the driving factor when purchasing a Kidnap & Ransom (KRE) policy.

XL Catlin exclusively retains the services of expert and highly experienced crisis management advisors, Terra Firma Risk Management. As part of our product, our consultants’ services are immediately available to XL Catlin’s clients when they have suffered and incident.

Client Profiles

You don’t have to be a billionaire or a foreigner working in a war zone to be a target for kidnap and ransom related events. Companies or individuals can find themselves at risk through their travel exposures, the location of their permanent operations, their specific industry or their public profile. XL Catlin offers worldwide KRE coverage to all industries. Some sectors find themselves at higher risk due to the nature of their business and the locations that they tend to work in, such as the following:
– Oil and gas
– Mining
– Construction
– Engineering
– Media and journalists
– Humanitarian and aid agencies
– Telecommunications
– Aviation
– Finance
– Security
– Maritime

Typical Information Required

– Name of the Insured
– Revenues and Assets
– Number of employees by country
– Travel (number or employees, destination, duration of trip)
– Security measures in place
– Prior Incident History

Benefits & Services

– We are the largest Lloyd’s Syndicate and can also write on company paper
– We have KRE underwriting operations in London ,Guernsey, New York, Hong Kong, Hamburg, and Sydney
– Our strength and capacity allows us to be flexible, tailoring cover to fit client needs
– We offer exclusive access to world-leading kidnap response expertise through our security consultants Terra Firma Risk Management
– Committed to providing a fast and efficient service
– Access to our GSI platform, a market leading security analysis tool

Information and Research

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This general product description is informational only. It is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to purchase any particular insurance product. Products are subject to legal and underwriting requirements. Coverages may not be available in all jurisdictions, including without limitation any jurisdiction within the United States, and may be available only through appropriately licensed producers. In addition, XL GAPS’s provision of publications or services is not an indication of the existence or availability under any policy of coverage for any particular property or type of loss or damage. Policies underwritten from Bermuda, Brazil, China, Mexico, Switzerland, or written by XL Insurance Company SE are only available through non US-based brokers. The Insurance companies of XL Group plc are: Greenwich Insurance Company, Indian Harbor Insurance Company, XL Insurance America, Inc., XL Specialty Insurance Company, XL Insurance Company of New York Inc., XL Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd, XL Insurance Company SE, XL Insurance Switzerland Ltd, XL Insurance (China) Company Limited, XL Seguros Brasil S.A. and XL Insurance Mexico SA de CV. Coverages placed with Lloyd’s Syndicate #1209 are managed by Catlin Underwriting Agencies Limited and supported by XL corporate capital. Additional important information regarding our business is provided on our Legal Notices page.

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