CPC Training

As your motor fleet insurer, we recognise the need for training within the transport sector and as such fully support the Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) qualification.


We are pleased to confirm that as part of your fleet vehicle insurance with XL Catlin we will also provide (subject to terms and conditions) driver CPC training on an annual basis.


Find out more about XL Catlin funded driver CPC training

Contact CatlinFleet@xlcatlin.com to book your course.

​Driver training will be delivered by Group Hunter who are specialist trainers in the transport field and who are approved by both JAUPT (the controlling body for driver CPC) and SQA (the controlling body for driver ADR Training). In addition our insured clients can also obtain discounts of up to 10% on other training supplied from our training supplier.

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Driver CPC is the qualification that all professional bus, coach and lorry drivers will need to have if they want to drive for a living.

Driver CPC has been introduced across the European Union to maintain high driving standards.

It was introduced on 10th September 2008 for bus and coach drivers, and 10th September 2009 for lorry drivers.

There is no connection with the CPC qualification that is needed for Operators Licence compliance, if you hold a CPC under that category you still need to have a Driver CPC.

Driver CPC training applies to drivers of vehicles on roads open to the public and for which a driving licence in any of the following categories is required.

All drivers of the above categories who are either 1. Nationals of an EU member state or 2. Nationals of a non-EU member state but who are employed or used by an organization based in an EU member state will have to hold a Driver CPC if they wish to drive professionally.

Just holding a vocational driving licence will not be sufficient for someone who wishes to drive such vehicles for a living.

The main benefit is road safety and better qualified drivers to help reduce road casualties.

The Driver CPC is expected to bring an improved professional image to the profession, attracting more people to drive buses, coaches and lorries for a living. It is aimed not only at improving the knowledge and skills of PCV and LGV drivers when they start work, but also at ensuring these skills are maintained and developed throughout their working life.

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