What is an insurance policy after all? When you pay an insurance premium, you're buying a promise. And when you buy an XL Catlin insurance policy, our promise is to investigate, manage, and resolve your covered claim - so you can move forward with getting back to business as soon as possible. We call it: Getting you from Stop to Go.

Make it Better

We focus on what will make things better and we give our best, all the time. Around the world, around the corner or wherever you need us to be – when you need us the most.

Our claims service is the promise. We take that promise very seriously. In everything we do, we keep the focus on you, the client – and we live our XL Catlin Commitments in every claim we handle:


We listen to you, we work with you, and we communicate clearly. Together we will search for the best answers and the right resolution.

We hold ourselves accountable

We know you need us during challenging times. We’ve been there before. We hold ourselves accountable to deliver the highest levels of technical expertise and client service. And we do it in a way that makes sense for your business, for your market.

Above all, we do what’s right

Delivering excellent claims service is delivering on our promise. That’s good for you and it’s good for us, too. It’s just good business. You’re only going to want to buy our product again if it works and works really well. And we know ours does.

At XL Catlin, our claims goal is simple: provide consistently superior service, wherever and whenever you need us. Just like we promised.

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